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Nodes in v9 Compatible XML Schema
The root node includes the following:
All Fields - Displays all the fields across all records.
All Record Rules - Expands to display record discriminators or recognition rules, in addition to rules to validate expressions.
Recognition Rules - Displays recognition rules for all records.
Validation Rules - Displays validation rules for all records.
All Records - Displays all records.
Record Nodes (example, R1):
Recognition Rules - Displays recognition rule for the selected record.
Validation Rules - Displays validation rule for the selected record.
Recognition Rules
node is displayed based on the selected connector.
Validation Rules node is displayed only for schema in XML format.
Events are not included.
Schema is always unlocked and editable.
The following image shows the source and target tree views for XML schema with a few sample connectors.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022