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Using the Null connector, you can create transformations even when you do not have access to live source data. On the target side, you can generate test target data files.
When you do not have access to the source table, you can bypass a live data connection by selecting the Null connector as your source type. You can connect to a dummy source file of 100 records (this number can be adjusted in source properties). You can then define the source file as you would any other source file, by adjusting field properties, source properties, data types, and field size.
To use the Null connector to generate test data, simply specify the number of records you want to test in source properties. Then you can map the source to the dummy target file and run the transformation. A Null target with 100 records is created (default) under the field name Record Number.
This connector sets field width in bytes. What actually varies is the number of characters that fit into a given field. For example, if a field width is 10 bytes and the encoding is Shift-JIS, the field can hold a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 10. This means that if you try to write 8 Japanese characters, data is truncated (the Kanji characters all take 2 bytes).
Connector-Specific Notes
No known limitations at this time.
Property Options
You can set the following source (S) and target (T) properties.
Record Count
The number of records supplied or accepted. Default is 100.