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Object Operators
The following table details object operators, their options, and examples of usage.
Description and Example
Specifically for connector object variables (DJImport and DJExport). New indicates that a new object is being created, as opposed to assigning a reference to an existing object. The only parameter required is the name (connlist entry) of the connector being created.
'Assigning a reference to an existing object:
MyImport = MyOldImport

'Creating a new object:
Set MyImport = New DJImport "Microsoft SQL Server 7"
Operator used to assign an object to a previously dimensioned object variable.
Dim x As DJFieldSet
x = FieldAt("/SOURCE/R1/MyField")
The assignment operator. This is only used in the context of the Set operator to assign an object address to a variable name. It cannot be used for comparison.
Set x = FieldAt("/SOURCE/R1/MyField")
This would be read as Set "X" to the default field, not as "Set X" equals the default field.
Is Nothing
Checks if an object variable has been dimensioned and set. Returns 0 if the object exists, and has been set, 1 otherwise.
If X Is Nothing Then
  Dim X As DJFieldSet
  X = FieldAt("/SOURCE/R1/MyField")
End If
Last modified date: 08/10/2022