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Object Properties
Several object properties are available for you to use. These properties are useful in different ways depending on the object they are associated with.
Properties are always connected with a dot to the object variables they affect.
In general, object variables are always associated with properties when they are used in expressions. Declaring and assigning are the only actions taken on an object variable itself. If an object variable is used in an expression without a property, the default property is evaluated.
' Because Value is the default property for DJField type variables, this example evaluates the value of the data in the default field to see if it is greater than 4.
Dim F as DJField
F = Records("R1").Fields(0)
F > 4

'The last line could also be written as:
F.Value > 4
Read Write Abilities of Object Properties
Some of the properties can be both read from and written to. Others can only be read or only written. In some cases, it depends on the object they are associated with. (The connector objects are DJImport and DJExport.)
RO = Read Only
WO = Write Only
RW = Read Write
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