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Opening an Artifact
To open an existing artifact, in Project Explorer, double-click the artifact name or right-click and click Open. The artifact opens in the applicable editor.
Note:  You cannot open the same artifact twice. For example, you can have multiple runtime configurations for any one map or process. If you double-click to open or edit one map runtime configuration, the editor will contain both the map and configuration information. If you double-click to open a different runtime configuration that points to the same map, an error message is displayed indicating that the map is already open.
In case the artifact was set as Read-Only, then when you open the file, a message is displayed indicating that the file is Read-Only and any changes to the file will not be saved. Also, the names of the artifacts that are marked as Read-Only are displayed. Click Yes to remove the Read-Only mode for the artifact. If you click No, then Read-Only text is displayed on the Status Bar indicating that the artifact is Read-Only and changes cannot be saved.
You can also disable Read-Only for an artifact using the following steps:
1. In Project Explorer, right-click on the artifact and select Properties.
The Properties window is displayed.
2. Click Resource.
3. In Attributes, clear the Read-Only option.
4. Click Apply and Close.
Last modified date: 11/01/2022