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Part Description
h Designates honorific; i.e., Mr. or Ms.
f Designates first name.
m Designates middle name.
mi Designated middle initial.
l Designates last name.
t Designated a title; i.e., Jr.
string The search string from the source file which can be entered either as a specific string, or as a field name.
To parse a name field into separate fields in your target file, where the first name, middle name, last name, and title (such as Jr.) are in one field, called "Name" in the source file:
NamePart("f", Name)
NamePart("m", Name)
NamePart("l", Name)
NamePart("t", Name)
To rearrange a name in a single field, where the last name is before the first name in a field called "Name" in the source file, but needs to be in "first name-last name" order in the target file:
NamePart("f l", Name)