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Pasting Macro in Map or Process
To use a macro in a map or a process:
1. On the Sources or Targets tab, right-click within the text box where you want to specify a macro and select Paste Macro.
The Paste Macro window is displayed.
2. Select any of the following options to filter the macros based on the macro type:
Configuration Macros - Displays macros that are added on the Configuration tab within a Map or Process. For more information, Managing Local Macros for a Map or Process.
Project Macros - Displays macros added for a project in Macro Set References or Properties > DataConnect > Macro Sets. For more information, see Adding Project-level Macro Sets.
Workspace Macros - Displays macros added for a workspace from the macro definition file. For more information, see Managing Workspace-level Macros.
3. Select the required macro and click OK or double-click on the required macro.
The macro is added in the $(macroname) format within the text box.
When you select and paste a macro from Workspace Macros list, it is added to the configuration macros in the Paste Macro window. Also, the selected macro is displayed in Map > Configuration tab > Macros section.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022