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Maps and Processes completed within the Eclipse IDE can be deployed to remote engines for execution. To make effective use of this practice, it is highly recommended that macros are leveraged whenever possible inside artifacts. This helps make your Maps and Processes portable and easier to maintain and manage. There are a number of ways to deploy artifacts to remote engines:
Manually copy the relevant files (Maps, Processes, Schemas, Macro Definitions, and so on) to the location of the required engine.
Use Package Manager to create a package file. This creates a single compressed file (.djar) containing all the artifacts and the relevant files.
Use Package Manager to create a package file and then upload the package file to Integration Manager. Integration Manager enables you to deploy and manage the package on the required engine.
For more information about creating and deploying packages, see Packaging and Deploying Integration Artifacts.
For information about Integration Manager, see the Integration Manager documentation available at