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Problems and Solutions
This section provides information to troubleshoot a few generic issues that may occur. The following topics are covered:
Unable to launch DataConnect or displays an error while creating or opening artifacts.
Solution: Eclipse may persist its state during installations. To resolve this, clear the persisted state by closing the DataConnect and re-launching it as follows:
1. Open the DataConnect.bat file that is available at the following location:
2. Change the following line:
"C:\Program Files\Actian\dc-rcp-64-bit-11.X.X-xx\DataConnect.exe"
"C:\Program Files\Actian\dc-rcp-64-bit-11.X.X-xx\DataConnect.exe" -clean -clearPersistedState
3. Save and close the DataConnect.bat file.
4. Relaunch DataConnect.
Not able to view the default views and editors
Solution 1: Reset the perspective:
1. On the top-right corner of the UI, right-click on the active perspective icon and then select Reset.
The Reset Perspective dialog box is displayed.
2. Click Reset Perspective.
The perspective is reset to its defaults and the window displays the default views and editors.
Solution 2: If reset perspective does not work:
1. Check if you have multiple editors open at the same time.
2. Close all editors.
3. Reset the perspective.
4. Open a Process and reset perspective.
5. Close the Process.
6. Open a Map and reset perspective.
7. Close the Map.
8. Open a Profile and reset perspective.
9. Close the Profile.
DataConnect project and artifact menus are not displayed in the new toolbar drop-down
Solution: You may not be in the DataConnect perspective or you have probably switched to the Process perspective. You must switch back to the DataConnect perspective to view these menus.
Artifacts do not open in the correct editor
Solution: In Project Explorer, right-click on the artifact name, select Open with, and then select the required editor.
A big red X is displayed in an editor. Also, when you go to create an artifact, either nothing happens or artifact is invalid
Solution: License is missing or invalid license. For information to upload a license, see Uploading License File.
Performance has deteriorated for both maps and processes
Solution: Use the engine execution profiler periodically to review the performance of maps and processes. Look for outliers in the number of times an event occurs and how long an event takes. Based on this, you can fix the performance issue.
Unable to view Macro resolution
Solution: Set logging to Debug to view all the macros values that are used in a map or a process.
Unable to connect to a source or target
Solution: If an error occurs when connecting to a source or target, make sure the source or target exists. Also, the source or target must not have any open connection (or session) with another program.
Huge log file size
Solution: Clear the logs periodically. Use the Clear Log before each run option to do this automatically.
Error during command line execution
Solution: Make sure the PATH statement contains the location of the standalone engine and cosmos.ini file. Also, the cosmos.ini file must have the license file specified properly.
Temporary projects appear in the Project Explorer
Solution: Delete the projects as this can happen while editing the scripts.
Unable to run a process that runs a transformation
Solution: If you have already run the process once, the process is cached in memory for performance reasons. Therefore, even if you change those maps, the maps are not reloaded. If you change a map, close the process and reopen it after you change the dependent map. Alternatively, you can open the cosmos.ini file and add or change the following setting in the preferences section to 1 (true) instead of 0 (false):
Last modified date: 06/13/2022