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RBase (ODBC 3.x)
RBase is a database application that you can connect to with ODBC 3.x. With this connector, the integration platform can read from or write to RBase with ODBC 3.x.
To connect to a RBase database, you must have three data files in one directory. The file name in each of the three files is the database name. The file extensions are RB1, RB2 and RB3. For example, if you have a database called TEST, the three files you must have are TEST.RB1, TEST.RB2 and TEST.RB3.
The integration platform supports RBase through the RBase ODBC 3.x drivers. If you have the RBase application installed on your system, you should already have the files needed to transform to or from RBase (either installed on your system or available on the RBase installation disks).
Connector-Specific Notes
See ODBC 3.x.
Property Options
See ODBC 3.x.
Data Types
The only data type available for Rbase is text.