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Retrieving and Setting LogFile and LogMask Properties
LogFile and LogMask properties allow you to retrieve and set logging and masking for the System object or individual DJImport and DJExport objects.
For instance, to retrieve the current system (global) logfile use: System.LogFile
To set the system logfile use: System.LogFile = "djwin.log"
Similarly in LogMask, you can retrieve the following integer values:
Info 1
Warn 2
Error 4
Severe 8
Debug 16
To set the log to record only the error and warning messages use: System.LogMask=6
In addition, these properties can be used in DJImport and DJExport objects. The data adapters support separate log files.
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Using the above mentioned properties, you can set the log file for an individual data connector:
Dim sp as DJImport
The above expression returns the log file for the given DJImport object.