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Rich Text Format
Rich Text Format (RTF) is one of the special data publishing file formats that can be used in many applications. With this connector, the integration platform can write Rich Text Format files.
Connector-Specific Notes
No known limitations.
Property Options
You can set the following source (S) and target (T) properties.
Allows you to select the format in which the integration platform writes out the RTF file. The following mode options are available:
Label - Writes out the field name (in bold) and the data for each record. A colon is inserted between the field name and the data. Each field is written to a new line in the document (long text wraps).
Table - Writes out the data in a two-dimensional matrix format. This format is particularly appropriate for data publishing projects involving data such as part numbers and price lists.
This translation table determines which encoding to use for reading and writing data. The default is ANSI, the standard in the US.
Data Types
All data in a Rich Text Format file is Text.