User Guide : Designing and Executing Map : Saving and Reusing a Connection
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Saving and Reusing a Connection
Once a source or target connection has been created and configured within Map Designer, the connection can be saved. A saved connection may be reused when building new maps or processes in the future.
To save a connection:
1. After configuring a connection within Map Designer, click the Save Connection icon (/download/attachments/24975459/save.png?version=1&modificationDate=1490841396940&api=v2) that appears above the connector properties.
2. The Save As dialog appears, providing the default location for saved connections (UDConnections).
Note:  You can change the default User Defined Connections Location from Options > Preferences > DataConnect > DataProfiler > General.
3. The UDConnections folder will contain saved source and target connections. Source connections will be saved with a .src.dataset extension and target connections will be saved with a .trg.dataset extension.
A saved connection contains the following information:
Connector name
Connection parts (for example server name, user name, password, and table name)
Connector properties
Output mode (only for target connections)
To apply a saved connection to a Map or Profile:
1. From the source or target tab, click Browse next to the Connection text box.
A Windows Explorer window will appear, displaying the contents of the UDConnection folder.
2. Select the desired connection from the list and click Open in the Windows Explorer dialog.
The connection information stored in the dataset file will now be applied to your map or profile.
Note:   An alternate way to access this list is to click the drop-down button inside the Connections text box. Once clicked, a list of saved connections will appear.