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Setting Color Preference for EZscript Editor
To set the color preference for the EZscript editor:
1. Go to Options > Preferences.
The Preferences dialog box is displayed.
2. In the left-pane, expand DataConnect, and then click Appearance > EZscript.
The EZscript options are displayed on the right-pane.
3. Select any of the following options for which you want to change the color:
Single Line Comments
Multi Line Comments
String Constance
Operator Color
4. Click on the color box, select the required color, and click OK.
The Preview section displays the sample text in the selected color.
5. Click Apply and Close to save the changes.
The applied color setting will reflect in the new and all existing EZscript editor files such as .rifle, .bas, and .ezscript.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022