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Setting Logging Preferences
To set logging preferences:
1. Go to Options > Preferences.
The Preferences window is displayed.
2. In the left-pane, expand DataConnect and click Execution.
3. Click on the Logging Defaults tab and specify the following:
Create unique log file name: Log file name is same as the artifact name with the file extension as .log. This is applicable only for new artifacts.
Write log to project folder: Log file is created in the project folder. This is applicable only for new artifacts.
If this option is selected, the path in the Execution Log Location is ignored.
If multiple artifacts have the same name, then the logs are included to the previous log file (that has the same name), if available unless the artifacts are in different projects.
Execution Log Location: Click Browse and select an existing log file or type a new log file name. The default log file name is DataConnect.log and the default location is C:\Users\<username>\Actian\DataConnect\Logs\.
Note:  If you select Create unique log file name, then the file name provided in the Execution Log Location is not used.
Error Types: Select the types of error messages that must be included in the log file.
The messages are logged up to the selected log type including the previous log types in the order of precedence. For example, if Warnings is selected, then the log file includes both Errors and Warnings messages. Similarly, if Debug Messages is selected, then the log file includes Errors, Warnings, Informative Messages, and Debug Messages.
Note:  In case of v9 compatible artifacts, only the selected type of error message is included in the log file.
Error type
Fatal Errors
Logs errors that cause a map or process to stop.
General Errors
Logs errors that are not fatal but may affect the transformation process.
Logs messages about data truncation in a field, field name changes, loss of precision, or other issues.
Informative Messages
Logs messages such as "Execution initialization", "Execution successful", number of records converted, deleted, updated, or inserted, time to convert, and whether the transformation was stopped.
Debug Messages
All messages generated as a result of a TraceOn action and some other messages are logged at this level.
In this case, the record number, first five fields of each record, and all the events are recorded.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022