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Setting Map Preferences
To set the map preferences:
1. Go to Options > Preferences.
The Preferences window is displayed.
2. In the left-pane, expand DataConnect and click Map Designer.
3. Select the required option:
Show results column on map tab - Displays the Results column in the target section of the Mapping tab.
Drag Mode Overwrite - Sets the drag mode to overwrite by default.
Always show Map All view (navigation tree with events) - Displays the navigation tree with events in the Advanced View by default.
Show “Target Field Not Mapped” warnings - If the target fields are not mapped, then selecting this option displays the warning messages on the Problems tab during map validation. If this option is cleared, then the warning messages are not displayed.
Auto-Mapping Match Percent Filter: Specify the match percent value based on which the fields will be mapped automatically if the Auto Map option is selected in the Mapping tab.
Choose which column to show by default on Mapping Tab - Change the field's visibility using this option. Selecting or deselect the required column names from the Source Fields and Target Fields list. Based on this selection, the maps (new and existing) display the columns. Click Restore Default to display the default columns.
4. Click Apply and then click OK to save the changes.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022