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Source and Target Map Connectors
DataConnect provides hundreds of connectors to files, databases, applications, and legacy systems for data transformation. Each connector topic provides detailed information about connecting to a specific source for reading data or target for writing data. The same connector can be used for source and target unless specified. For example, a Mass Insert connector is specifically used to write data so will not provide source information.
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The information under each source and target connector topic is organized as follows:
Connector-Specific Notes
Property Options/Connector Properties
Connector-Specific Notes
When transforming data from one application to another, you should be aware of limitations and special requirements of each application.
This section explains limitations and requirements specific to the application, such as field name requirements, maximum number of fields allowed, maximum number of records allowed, field size limitations, and table security. This information is especially important when the application is your target connector.
Property Options/Connector Properties
This section explains available options in the source or target window devoted to source or target properties specific to the application. If property options are not available for your source or target connector, it is noted in this section.
Availability of specific property options may depend upon whether you are using a source or target connector. These options are labelled as source only or target only, where appropriate.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022