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Specifying Field Names in Expressions
The v9 syntax is still available, and is preferred for v9 artifacts. For more information, click here. You can specify a source field name in a RIFL expression within parentheses and quotation marks, preceded by the string Fields. A record type designation can refine the specification, if needed. For example:
Source field names are frequently used in expressions, while target field names rarely need to be referenced. Target field names are preceded by Targets(0) and a record type designation. For example:
Targets(0).Records("R1").Fields("Acct No")
Field names are case-sensitive and must be written exactly as they appear in the record layout grid. When using RIFL Script Editor to write expressions, select field names from the list in its interface to quickly enter the names in the correct case and syntax.
Multiple record layouts do not support use of field names in expressions.