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Specifying Ranges in Expressions
You can write expressions used in filters to specify ranges. The three categories you can use are numeric, text, and date formats. To convert records where field contents fall within certain parameters, look at the following examples.
Example of Specifying a Numeric Range
'This example converts records of customers where the balance falls within a certain range. The source field type is numeric.
FieldAt("/SOURCE/R1/Balance") >= 150.00 And FieldAt("/SOURCE/R1/Balance") <= 2500.00
Example of Specifying a Text Range
'This example interprets the field data as numeric instead of text by using the Val function. The source field type is text.
Val(FieldAt("/SOURCE/R1/Balance")) >= 150.00 And Val(FieldAt("/SOURCE/R1/Balance")) <= 2500.00
Example of Specifying a Date Range
'This example converts only records where the date falls within a specified range. The source field type is date.
DateValue(FieldAt("/SOURCE/R1/Date")) >= 01/01/94 And DateValue(FieldAt("/SOURCE/R1/Date")) <= 12/31/94
Last modified date: 08/10/2022