User Guide : Designing and Executing Processes : Process Steps and Associated Components : Start Step
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Start Step
Start is the first step in every process. Each process is required to have one, and only one, Start step. The Start step is added for you when you create the new process, but you have the option of changing any property of the step except its name.
Start Step Properties
When you double-click the start step on the canvas, you can specify the following step properties in the Properties tab displayed at the bottom.
Displays the step name. By default, it is Start and you cannot change this name.
Description for the step (optional).
Enables the step for execution. You cannot disable this step.
Error Handling
Select either of the following:
Abort Process - All the steps after the current step are skipped or the entire process is stopped (depending on how you have set the error logging options) if this step stops due to an error.
Ignore Error - The remaining steps in the current process are executed even if this step stops due to an error. This is selected by default.
Any expression that you want to execute before the process begins. Type the expression or click Open to open the EZscript Expressions window and specify the expression.
Script containing expressions that you want to execute before the process begins. Click Browse and specify the script file to be executed.
Note:  You can specify an Expression or Script but not both.
To run an expression at the beginning of a process, add it to the Start step. This is useful in the following scenarios:
When you are setting a message object.
When you are using a function, such as FileWrite, to write to a message object.