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Step Navigator
The Step Navigator lists all the steps in the current process and is displayed by default. It allows you to focus a particular step and its properties when that step is selected in the Navigator. For example, if you have a large process with hundreds of steps, only a fraction of the steps will be visible on the Canvas at one time. Clicking the step in the Navigator will highlight the step on the Canvas and also open that step’s properties in the console.
You can perform the following in the Step Navigator:
Copy and paste one or more steps - Select the step(s) that you want to copy and do any of the following:
Right-click and click Copy, and then right-click and click Paste.
Press <Ctrl>+<C> and then <Ctrl>+<P>.
The new step(s) are added to the Step Builder Canvas tab and are placed in the Step Navigator list as per the sorting order with the same names but post fixed with an incremental number.
Delete step(s) - Select the step(s) that you want to delete and do any of the following:
Right-click and click Delete.
Press <Delete>.
The step(s) and the associated links are deleted. The associated links are also deleted in the Canvas and Thumbnail view.
Note:  You cannot copy and paste or delete the Start and Stop steps.