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Supported Operations
CXL can perform the following operations:
Scans for data in a text file by fixed position or field content
String manipulations and comparisons
Accumulations and computations
Concatenation of multiple fields into a single field
Repeating of fields across multiple records
Unrolling of nested fields and constructing of multiple record types with common keys
Formatting of data for output as a structured record
Many scripts are available for popular data sources, including EDI (Inbound), Mailing Labels (2-up, 5-up), STN, Reuters, Dodge Dataline, Dow Jones, Internet Email, Xerox, and WWW/HTML (List and Table).
The source code for these scripts are installed with CXL. CXL requires Map Designer or Integration Engine for script processing and transformation of the data extracted by a CXL script.
Although the CXL language is copyrighted, developers may fully exploit any CXL script for commercial or corporate use.
Last modified date: 08/02/2023