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Technical Support
You can contact Integration Technical Support using the information available at the following location:
When reporting a problem, provide the following information:
Product serial number (from Help menu > About DataConnect)
Product version number (from Help menu > About DataConnect)
Your name, company name, email address, and telephone number
Operating system, version, and service pack
Source and target names
Exact wording of the error messages (if any)
Problem scenario
Solution you used to solve the issue
To help troubleshoot your data transformation problem, technical support may ask for the following information:
Sample Data - The sample may be a single file or an entire database.
Note:  In the case of confidential data, support may be able to use an altered subset or sign a nondisclosure agreement.
Application Software:
If the application is a PC-based, non-server database, listed in the Source Connection or Target Connection menus, and available through general distribution, Technical Support owns or will purchase the application for troubleshooting.
If the application is not PC-based, not available through general distribution, or is a vertical market application, then Support may ask you to provide the application.
System Configuration - Includes names and versions of your hardware platform or network and communication software and hardware.
Last modified date: 11/01/2022