User Guide : Managing Macro Sets and Macros : Execution Service Macros : Testing Execution Service Macros During Design
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Testing Execution Service Macros During Design
To use execution-only system macros for testing during design, you must manually create and set values for them.
The following EZscript example checks for the value of the LOCAL_JOB_SPEC_DIR system macro. This macro does not exist during design, so you can set its value identical to that of LOCAL_REPO. This allows you to use your local repository and additional files interchangeably.
If MacroValue("LOCAL_JOB_SPEC_DIR") == "" Then DefineMacro("LOCAL_JOB_SPEC_DIR", MacroValue("LOCAL_REPO"))
You can also create test versions of Integration Manager system macros within the run-time configuration for your process for testing during design.