User Guide : Using Content Extraction Language : Language Syntax and Examples : Transliterate (source_char_set, target_char_set, string)
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Transliterate (source_char_set, target_char_set, string)
This built-in function translates characters between two character sets. Transliterate will take three string arguments. The source_char_set argument will define the set of characters for the Source alphabet. The target_char_set will define the target alphabet. The string argument contains the text to be transliterated. Transliterate will convert characters in the third argument, string, which are members of the Source alphabet, to the corresponding characters in the target alphabet. If the Source alphabet is larger than the target alphabet, the characters in the Source alphabet without corresponding elements in the target alphabet will be mapped to empty strings.
Transliterate("abc:, "ABC", "abcdefg") returns "ABCdefg"
Transliterate("abcdefg", "ABC", "abcdefg") returns "ABC"
Transliterate(" ", "", "The red fox") returns "Theredfox"
Transliterate("!@#$%", "______", "The national characters !@#$%") returns:
"The national characters ____"