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Troubleshooting Encoding Issues
When you have encoding issues while working with the data integration tools, it is usually one of the following issues:
The encoding constant in the EZscript File() functions. See Encoding EZscript Functions and Objects.
Not properly specifying the encoding property when using a connector with encoding support. See Determining Which Connector to Use.
Using an ASCII connector instead of a Unicode connector. Determining Which Connector to Use
Not remembering to set both the source and target connector encoding properties to the correct value.
Not using the correct data type for encoded data. For instance, using varchar instead of the nvarchar data type.
Not setting the data field in the CRM or database to handle Unicode or encoded data.
Tip...  If you cannot view your data properly, this does not mean that the data did not transform correctly from the source to the target. Ensure that the following options are set correctly: font and script settings, operating system options, the integration platform preferences, database clients such as TOAD, database servers, and other third-party tools such as text viewers.
To test that your source data can be viewed correctly
1. Change the target connector to Unicode.
2. Run the transformation that is transforming the source data to the target.
3. View the data with a text viewer, such as Windows Notepad.
To test that your target data is being output from a database correctly
View your target data file or table in alternate viewers outside of Map Editor or Windows Notepad. For example, view the data in your database application, the CRM server, or in client views.
To determine if a file or table is Unicode
View the data in a hex viewer to determine if there are Unicode encoding values present. Open Structured Schema Editor to view the data with the hex browser. For instructions, search for the words "hex browser" in the online help.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022