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Unicode Limitations
This implementation of Unicode has the following limitations in the data integration tool set:
Data Browser
The Map Editor data browser may not allow you to view all language combinations at the same time. If your file has characters that are not compatible with the font, script, or language settings, you may see question mark characters in the browser display. For instance, the Data Browser may display certain Vietnamese characters incorrectly. This presentation issue is not due to data loss.
To read multiple languages in your files, use a text editor, such as Windows Notepad or Wordpad, to view your data.
To view a single language or related language types, review the following settings:
Operating System Language = [your language set] such as East Asian languages.
Operating system fonts to read Unicode = Unicode fonts installed. For example, Arial Unicode MS is a common Windows font set.
Script Editor
Script Editor does not support Unicode literal strings in scripts.
Data Parser
The Unicode (Fixed) connector is not supported in the Data Parser under these conditions:
When UTF-8, UTF-16, or UCS-2 encoding is used.
When the CharFieldWidths property is set to character width (True).