User Guide : Encoding Reference : Unicode and Encoding Checklist
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Unicode and Encoding Checklist
When preparing to work with Unicode and other encoded data, there are several requirements to consider before you begin:
Database configuration: Your server, client, and database must be configured to use the correct character set.
The field data types must support Unicode or your encoding type.
Determine the encoding of your data files or tables. For instance, is the encoding UTF-8, ASCII, or UTF-16?.
Install drivers that support the data encoding type.
Keep in mind that the integration platform supports the Unicode 10.0 standard on Windows and Unicode 11 on Linux/AIX.
Install the following items that are required for your data format:
Language sets
Character sets
For more information on installing these required items, see the sections below.
Note:  In order to work with components in the Process window, you must choose a regional language setting.