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Using Content Assist
Content Assist allows you to quickly select the required function or the keyword in the expression area.
To display the Content Assist pop-up window, type a letter, first few letters, or a word and then press <Ctrl+Spacebar.>
The Content Assist pop-up window displays the relevant functions, global variables, flow control, objects, and macros that start with the letter(s). Double-click on the required function to select it.
For example:
1. In the expression area, type File and then press Ctrl+Space bar.
The Content Assist pop-up window is populated with list of functions that start with the word File.
2. Double-click FileCopy.
The FileCopy function is inserted at the cursor position in the editor. Also, the selected function replaces the character(s) that you had typed.
Note:  The Content Assist pop-up window does not display if there are no matching results.
If you have defined global variables in the Configuration tab > Global Variables section for a map or process, then you can add them to the expression using Content Assist. To do this:
1. In the EZscript Expression Editor, type the variable name or select the variable from Parameters tab > Global Variables,
2. Type . and press <Ctrl+Spacebar>.
The related properties and methods are displayed for the object variable. You can select the required property or method and add it to the expression in the EZscript Expression Editor.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022