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Using Macros
You can use macros in a map, process, and a schema.
You can use macros in the following locations:
Source connector information
Target connector information
User name connection information
Password connection information
EZscript functions (MacroExpand, MacroValue, IsMacroDefined, and DefineMacro)
Schema connection information
DJImport object (MacroExpand and MacroValue)
DJExport object (MacroExpand and MacroValue)
Source View
Code modules (MacroValue, DefineMacro, and MacroExpand functions)
QueryStatementFile parameter in command line override strings
Create multiple macro definition files and specify them in the command line to configure your source and target dynamically
Macros cannot be used in the following locations:
Error logs
Multi-mode connector information
Structured Schema connection information
Last modified date: 04/08/2022