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Validating Complete Process
To validate the complete process, click /download/attachments/24976276/validate.png?version=1&modificationDate=1490826050888&api=v2. If the validation is successful, a message is displayed. Otherwise, the Problem tab appears and shows the list of errors and warnings. Also, a message is displayed indicating that the process is invalid.
Disabled steps are excluded while validating a process.
A process that contains invalid steps runs without errors if the invalid steps are not linked or are disabled because the engine is not able to validate these actions.
The Process window checks several different aspects of the process to see if certain basic essential elements are present and accurate. If these aspects are missing or incorrect, a warning message is displayed. If other more important aspects are incorrect or missing, validation fails. A message displays indicating that the process is invalid and provides the reason.
Area Validated
Infinite Loops
The process does not contain recursive logic that may result in an infinite loop within the process.
You can use a Process step to call a process from within itself, creating a recursion. If you do so, you receive a warning message, but the recursive process can still be successfully validated. Make sure you build in logic to allow the process to reach the Stop step once you have achieved the required result.
Orphan Steps
Checks for two different types of orphan steps:
Unconnected Steps - Steps that are not linked to anything. These unconnected steps causes a warning.
Un-terminated Steps - Steps that are linked, but do not connect (through other links) to the Stop step.
Start and Stop
The process contains a Start and a Stop step.
End at Stop
All steps end at the Stop step.
Begin at Start
All steps except the Start step have a preceding step.
All Decision steps have at least one true branch and one false branch.
Step Validation
Validates each step according to that step's validation rules.
If the step is not valid, the process validation fails and a message informs you about the invalid step.
If a step that is skipped is invalid, a message informs that it is invalid. However, the process validation does not fail.