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Validating Data In Process Editor
To validate the data file in a process:
1. Make sure you have a sample data file available. For more information, see Creating Sample Data File.
2. In Project Explorer, open a process file or create a new process.
The process file opens in process editor.
3. From the Palette, drag-and-drop a Doc Validator step to the canvas.
4. Double-click the Doc Validator step on the canvas.
The step properties tab is displayed at the bottom.
5. From the Validator Type drop-down menu, select any of the following as per your requirement:
EDI for X12 file type
HIPAA for HIPAA file type
HL7 for HL7 file type
6. In Document to Validate, click Browse and specify the sample data file (.edi for HIPAA or X12 and .txt for HL7).
7. In the Property grid on the right, in Schema File, specify the schema file.
8. Specify the values for the other options as required. For more information, see Doc Validator Step.
9. Link the doc validator step with the start and stop steps. For more information, see Linking Steps.
10. Click to validate the process.
The validation is successful message is displayed.
11. Click to run the process.
The target data is generated.
12. Click the Targets tab and click on Browse Data icon to view the target file contents
Last modified date: 06/13/2022