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Validating Process Step
To validate a step, right-click the step and click Validate Step or click /download/attachments/24976276/validate.png?version=1&modificationDate=1490826050888&api=v2.
The following table provides the validation details for each type of step.
Step Type
Verifies that a map is specified, but not whether the map is valid.
Checks whether a command line is available.
If there is a single line expression, checks to make sure it can evaluate to a number or a Boolean value.
If there is a multiple line expression, step validation is not available. If you choose Validate, it attempts to compile the expression.
If there is no expression, or it does not have the correct syntax for a true/false evaluation, then you receive an appropriate message and the validation fails.
Verifies that a session is specified and either a SQL statement or a path to a file is available.
Start and Stop
Validates the syntax of any expression in the step.
Verifies that there is an expression entered and that the syntax is correct.
Verifies a process name is entered and that the process is valid according to the conditions described in the next table.
Aggregator, Iterator, Queue, Transformer, Invoker
Verifies that a component instance, action, and parameters are specified.
Last modified date: 11/01/2022