User Guide : Designing and Executing Map : Viewing Map File Properties
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Viewing Map File Properties
When you open a map file, the Properties tab displays at the bottom and provides the following information.
Property Name
Map Name
Name of the map. This field is read-only.
Location of the active map (full path).
Description about the map. This field is editable.
Created by
User who has created the map. This field is read-only.
Created on
Date and time when the map was created. This field is read-only.
You can edit the major version number. If you modify this value, the minor version is reset to zero. The major version number cannot be zero.
You cannot edit the minor version number. Each time you save an artifact, the minor version number of the artifact is incremented by 1.
When you switch maps, the Properties tab displays the information related to that map.
You can also right-click on the map file in Project Explorer to view the map file properties.