User Guide : Managing Workspaces, Projects, and Integration Artifacts : Viewing and Editing Properties for a Project or Artifact : Viewing and Editing Artifact Properties
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Viewing and Editing Artifact Properties
To view and edit the properties for an artifact:
1. In Project Explorer, right-click on the artifact (such as map, process, schema, or EZscript) for which you want to view the properties and click Properties.
The Properties for the selected artifact window is displayed. By default, the following Resource properties are displayed.
Property Name
Path of the artifact. It is relative to the current workspace.
Type of artifact such as project, map, process, or schema. It is relative to the workspace location.
Location of the artifact in the workspace.
Clicking the icon displays the file within the local file system.
Size of the file in bytes
Last modified
Date and time when the artifact was last updated.
Options are:
Read-only: Artifact is set as read-only.
Archive (default): Artifact can be archived.
Derive: Artifact is derived from another artifact.
Text File Encoding
Encoding options for text file:
Inherited from container: Encoding value is based on the local system setting. This option is selected by default.
Other: Select another encoding value instead of the value inherited from the container if the text files use a different encoding scheme (for example, they originated from an external source).
Restore Defaults
If you want to restore the Attributes or Text File Encoding values to the default values, click Restore Defaults.
2. Click DataConnect.
The DataConnect properties are displayed.
Note:  The DataConnect properties are not displayed for the EZscript artifact.
3. You can view and modify (a few of) the following properties.
Property Name
<Artifact type> Description
Description about the artifact. This field is editable.
Created by
User who has created the project.
Created Date
Date and time when the project was created.
You can edit the major version number. If you modify this value, the minor version is reset to zero. The major version number cannot be zero.
You cannot edit the minor version number. Each time you save an artifact, the minor version number of the artifact is incremented by 1.
Modified By
User who has last modified the file.
Modified Date
Date and time when the user has last modified the file.
4. Click Apply to apply the settings.
Click Apply and Close to apply the settings and close the Properties window.