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Visual FoxPro
Visual FoxPro is a database application that uses a xBASE file format. If the source data file references a memo field file, the memo file must exist for the connection to occur. The primary data file usually has a .DBF extension and the memo file usually has a .FPT extension. FoxPro files are structured; for example, both the data and the file structure are stored inside the primary data file.
With this dBASE IV connector, the integration platform can read Visual FoxPro files. For more information about connector options, see dBASE IV.
Connector-Specific Notes
Field Names - Each field name must be unique. Field names must be all uppercase characters with an underscore between two words. Field names may contain up to 10 characters, but the first character must be a letter. Examples are ACCOUNT, LAST_NAME, FIRST_NAME, PHONE_NO.
Size of Fields - Character fields can be no longer than 254 characters. If a field is longer than 254 characters, it must be defined as a Memo field.
Number of Fields - A maximum of 255 fields are allowed.
Record Width - The maximum combined width of all fields in one record is 4000 bytes, excluding memo fields.