User Guide : 7. Working with Tables : Creating Tables
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Creating Tables
You can create a new Ingres or Actian Vector table in Director. When creating a table, you define the following types of information:
Table-level properties
Core column information
Column properties
Before you can create a table:
An installation must be connected to.
The Tables folder node or a table node must be selected in the Instance Explorer.
You can create a table in the following ways:
From the Instance Explorer context menu by right-clicking the Tables folder node or an existing table node and selecting New Table from the context menu
By clicking Database, Table, New Table when a Tables folder node or a table node is selected in the Instance Explorer
Before you can save a newly created table, you must name the table, assign it a structure type, and define one or more columns. You may provide this information in any order. The typical order is:
1. You specify a name for the table.
2. You specify a table structure.
3. You create and configure one or more columns, in order.
4. You save the table.
For more information, see Create a Table and Save a Table.