User Guide : 8. Using Queries : Open an Existing Query : File Chooser Dialog
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File Chooser Dialog
When you click Home, Open or Query, Open, Director opens a file chooser dialog:
By default, the dialog displays your home directory, your browser’s bin directory, or the last directory you navigated to if you previously opened a file. The home folder is the Java user.home folder. On Windows, the home folder is typically C:\Users\user.
You can sort the file display by clicking the File, Size, or Modified column headers. You can narrow the file display by entering characters in the search field, for example, to narrow the display to all files starting with “a” or all files ending with a particular extension (“*.txt”). Hidden files or directories are displayed with dimmed text.
Identify the character set used in the file by selecting a character set from the drop-down. (Files are stored internally as UTF-16.)