User Guide : 5. Browsing Databases and Objects : Installation Node : Management Folder
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Management Folder
The management folder contains the following subfolder structure, some of which may not be present in your installation:
Servers [Folder]
Bridge Servers [Folder]
DBMS Servers [Folder]
Data Access Servers [Folder]
Gateway [Folder]
Net Servers [Folder]
Star Servers [Folder]
Name Server
Remote Command
Recovery Server
Vector (x100) Server
Transaction Logs [Folder]
Primary Transaction Log
Dual Transaction Log
Server components that can have multiple different configurations defined in CBF (Configuration Manager) have a standard folder titled “(default).” Each configuration defined in CBF for that component has a node within the folder. The name of the node is the configuration name.
These server component configurations have a child for each instance that is running. The name of the node is the name of the running instance (which has a different format depending on the platform).