User Guide : 12. Managing Permissions and Viewing Properties : Viewing or Modifying Permissions : Modify Permissions
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Modify Permissions
You use the Permissions Dialog to modify properties, including permissions, for an object.
To modify permissions
1. Right-click the object and select Permissions on the context menu.
The Permissions dialog opens.
2. To specify additional grantees (see Grantees), Click the Add button.
The Add Grantee dialog opens.
a. Select the type of grantee from the drop-down menu.
b. Select the individual grantees by checking their boxes.
c. To select grantees of a different type, repeat steps a and b.
d. Click OK on the Add Grantee dialog.
The selected grantees are displayed in the Grantees table of the Permissions dialog.
3. To delete a grantee, right-click on the grantee in the table of grantees and select Delete on the context menu.
4. Set permissions for the displayed grantees: select the grantee in the list and then:
To grant all permissions, select All Permissions.
To grant specific permissions, clear All Permissions and select explicit permissions. For descriptions of permissions, see Permissions Dialog.
5. To set permissions for other grantees, repeat Step 4.
6. Select a revoke policy. For descriptions of policies, see Permissions Dialog.
7. Click OK.
Permissions are modified for the selected object.