User Guide : 8. Using Queries : Query Status Bar Fields
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Query Status Bar Fields
Six fields are displayed in the status bar at the bottom of a query window. From left to right, these fields display the following information:
Column 1
Displays “Edit Query” if you are currently editing the query text.
After you execute the query, it displays the results of the execution: Successful or Error. If this field displays Error, click the Error indicator to display a message dialog explaining the reason for the error.
If you cancel the query, it displays “Canceled.”
Column 2
Displays the server name/installation code for the selected installation
Column 3
Displays your user name
Column 4
Displays the database on which the query will be run. To specify a different database, select it in the Instance Explorer first, and then open or create the query.
Column 5
Indicates the total time for query execution after the query is run
Column 6
Displays the total number of rows changed or selected after the query is run