User Guide : 7. Working with Tables : Viewing Table Properties : Table Properties Dialog
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Table Properties Dialog
You can view table properties using the Table Properties dialog. This dialog contains the following pages:
For more information, see View Table Properties.
General Page
The General page displays settings in the following areas:
Page Information
General Options
The name of the table
The owner of the table
Alter Date
The last time this table was altered. This date is updated whenever the logical structure of the table changes, either through changes to the columns in the table or changes to the primary key. Physical changes to the table, such as changes to data, secondary indexes, or physical keys, do not change this date. Blank if unknown. This is a date field.
Lets you specify a comment about the table
Create Date
The object’s creation date. Blank if unknown. This is a date field.
Duplicate Rows
Indicates whether the table allows duplicate rows. Blank if unknown. The table storage structure (unique as opposed to non-unique keys) can override this setting.
Indicates if journaling is enabled for the table, or if journaling will be enabled at the next checkpoint. This is blank if journaling does not apply.
The first location of the table. If there are additional locations for a table, they are shown in the iimulti_locations table and multi_locations will be set to Y.
Number of Rows (Estimated)
The estimated number of rows in the table. Set to -1 if unknown.
Storage Structure
The storage structure for the table: HEAP, HASH, B-TREE, or ISAM. Blank if the table structure is unknown.
The type of table
Version of the object; enables the tools to determine where additional information about this particular object is stored. This reflects the database type, as well as the version of an object within a given database. For tables, the value for this field is IIversion.
Page Information Options
Number of Pages
The estimated number of physical pages in the table. Set to -1 if unknown.
Overflow Data Pages
The estimated number of overflow pages in the table. Set to -1 if unknown.
Page Size
The page size for the table
Advanced Options
Base Table for View
Checked if the table is a base for a view definition, cleared if not
Checked if the table is stored in compressed format, cleared if the table is uncompressed
Y if this object has Ingres-style integrities. If the value is blank, you must query the iiintegrities table to determine if integrities exist.
Optimizer Statistics
Checked if this table has entries in the iistats table, cleared if not
Y if this object has Ingres-style permissions, N if not
Row Width
The size, in bytes, of the uncompressed binary value for a row of this query object
Columns Page
The Columns page lists the following column information:
Column Name
Key sequence
Locations Page
The Locations page lists the following location information:
Location name
Sequence number