User Guide : 11. Managing Servers and Transaction Logs : Configuring Servers : View Hadoop Instance Properties
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View Hadoop Instance Properties
If Actian Vector in Hadoop is installed and connected to the Instance Explorer, you can view the properties of the installation.
To view Hadoop instance properties
1. Expand the Hadoop folder under the Management folder.
2. Expand the Name Node folder.
3. Right-click on the name node and select Properties.
The Hadoop Instance Properties dialog appears. The General page displays the following read-only information:
Hadoop Config Directory
Displays the location of the Hadoop configuration information
Hadoop Home
Displays the home directory of the Hadoop installation
Name Node
Displays the name of the selected Hadoop name node
Name Node Port
Displays the port used to connect to the Hadoop installation
Number of Nodes
Displays the number of nodes in the Hadoop installation