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Enterprise Access 11.2 Guides
Release Summary
Describes new features and enhancements in this release of Enterprise Access
Getting Started
Provides information for a quick and productive start with Enterprise Access, including Windows and UNIX installations.
Administrator Guide
Provides system administrators with instructions for performing the following tasks:
Setting up user logins.
Setting up the gateway userids, database properties, and permissions needed to complete the installation and configuration of the gateway on the target DBMS.
Configuring access to the gateway from a client installation—An overview of how to map the OpenSQL database names, userids, and passwords into the native DBMS database names, userids, and passwords.
Installing and configuring the gateway, the standard and extended catalogs needed for proper operation of the gateway, and supported client applications and development tools.
Developing Portable Applications
Provides application programmers with guidelines and recommendations for achieving portability and transparency in their applications. Specifically, this guide includes the following topics:
Overview of gateway components and OpenSQL requirements
Achieving portability and transparency in relation to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and ODBC hosts features and capabilities
Application development considerations, including restrictions and limitations that apply when accessing the various databases
Using the gateway to create and access native DBMS stored procedures as if they were OpenSQL database procedures
Data type mapping between the gateway SQL and Ingres OpenSQL
Last modified date: 08/22/2022