12. Report-Writer Statements : Report Setup Statements : .Break Statement--Specify Break Columns
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.Break Statement--Specify Break Columns
The .break statement specifies the break columns for the report and the order in which they should break.
The .break statement has the following format:
.break | .brk columnname{, columnname
The parameters for the .break statement are:
Name of a column in the table used as the basis for your report, or the label for a column in the result column list of the specified query.
The columnname can be expressed optionally as a delimited identifier or a variable. The comma (,) must be stated explicitly and cannot be part of a columnname variable. You can specify columnname as a delimited identifier by enclosing it in double quotes ("), if you have previously specified the .delimid statement.
Variable whose value is a column name. The variable must be preceded with a dollar sign ($).