12. Report-Writer Statements : Report Setup Statements : .Data Statement--Specify Table for Report
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.Data Statement--Specify Table for Report
The .data statement specifies the table or view in the database containing data for the report.
The .data statement has the following format:
.data | .dat | .table | .view [schema.]tablename|viewname|synonym
The parameters for the .data statement are as follows:
Collection of database objects to which the specified object belongs. The schema also implies the user that owns the object.
The schema can be expressed as a variable or delimited identifier.
tablename | viewname | synonym
Name of a table or view in the database. You can also use a synonym for tablename. Report-Writer reads all rows and columns in the specified table or view each time the report is run. Rules for the use of tablename and viewname are the same as in all other Ingres tools.
The tablename, viewname, and synonym can be expressed as variables or delimited identifiers.
Variable whose value is the name of a table, view, or synonym for a table in the database. The variable must be preceded with a dollar sign ($).