12. Report-Writer Statements : Report Structure Statements : .Header Statement--Begin Formatting Statements for the Header
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.Header Statement--Begin Formatting Statements for the Header
The .header statement identifies the start of a block of text formatting statements that define the action to be taken at the start of a break in the report.
When you create a report header, put the .header report statement and the formatting statements associated with it before any other .header statements. Report-Writer considers all statements between one .header statement and any subsequent .header, .footer, or .detail statement as part of the first header action.
This statement has the following format:
.header | .heading | .head
    report | page | columnname
The parameters for the .header statement are as follows:
Prints the header before the start of the report.
Prints the header at the top of all pages except the first page.
A break column name specified in the .sort or .break statements. Specify the column name as a delimited identifier by enclosing it in double quotes ("), if you have previously specified the .delimid statement.
The columnname can be expressed as a variable.
Prints the header before a new value of a break column.
Variable whose value is a name of a column specified in a .sort or .break statement. Precede the variable must with a dollar sign ($).
If you specify a variable for columnname, Report-Writer evaluates the variable during the loading of the report specification, before retrieving any data.
Note:  When using a variable for columnname, specify the same variable identically in corresponding .break, .sort, and .footer statements.