12. Report-Writer Statements : Page Layout and Control Statements : .Leftmargin Statement--Set a Left Margin
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.Leftmargin Statement--Set a Left Margin
The .leftmargin statement sets a left margin for the report.
This statement has the following format:
.leftmargin | .lm [[+|-] n | expression]
The parameters for the .leftmargin statement are listed below:
+ | -
If sign is present, the new position is calculated relative to the current position. If no sign is present, it is set to the absolute position.
The optional plus sign (+) or minus sign (-) must be stated explicitly and cannot be a part of the expression.
The position of the new left margin of the report. The default value is discussed in Automatic Determination of Default Settings.
A numeric expression that evaluates to the position of the new leftmargin of the report. All variables that are part of the expression must be preceded by a dollar sign ($).