12. Report-Writer Statements : Column and Block Statements : .Within/.Endwithin Statements--Enable/Disable Column Formatting Mode
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.Within/.Endwithin Statements--Enable/Disable Column Formatting Mode
The .within and .endwithin statements enable and disable column formatting mode in Report-Writer.
This statement has the following format:
.within | .wi columnname{, columnname} | all
    other formatting statements
endwithin | .endwi | .end within
The parameters for the .within and .endwithin statements are as follows:
The name of a column in the report within which other formatting statements are to be used. You can specify the column name as a delimited identifier by enclosing it in double quotes ("), if you have previously specified the .delimid statement.
Indicates that all columns in the report are to be used.
The columnname or all can be expressed as a variable. The comma (,) must be stated explicitly and cannot be part of columnname variable.
Variable whose value is a column name or all. Precede the variable with a dollar sign ($).