13. Using VIFRED
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What Is Visual Forms Editor (VIFRED)?
The VIFRED is a visually oriented tool for creating or modifying the appearance of forms. You can use your customized forms with QBF to display, add, or modify data in your database, or in applications that you design using ABF, Vision, or an embedded query language.
With VIFRED, you can create custom forms or edit and enhance default forms in the following ways:
Set the default display style to full-screen or pop-up, or change the dimensions of a form, field, or data area
Specify the order in which fields appear in the window or are accessed
Create lines, boxes, and other trim, as well as instructions and information for the end user that make the form more attractive or easier to understand
Edit a field's default title to more accurately describe its purpose, or specify color, underlining, blinking, or other attributes for a field
Define fields that scroll horizontally, are display-only or query-only
Make entry in a field mandatory, specify an automatic default value, or establish validity checks to verify that the information entered into a field meets certain criteria
Change error messages that appear if a user enters incorrect data